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Some of us have mastered the art of the selfie, while others need a little more help, so the ultimate guide to taking the perfect selfie is here! Selfie Mirror Experiences are one of a kind just like you! But sometimes people get a little camera shy, so we’ve come up with a couple of tips to make sure you get the best selfie mirror experience, every time.

  1. Look directly at the camera!

This sounds obvious, but our camera is hidden behind a layer of 1-way glass! So to get the perfect picture every time, look at the circle that appears 6 inches under the center of the frame! We know it’s tempting to look at your fabulous self, but trust us, the photos come out a million times better!

Group of people taking a selfie. 4 people standing 3 people sitting. Green Background. Let's party sign above
The Conkling Wedding October 2021
  1. Tilt your head!
    Just slightly but tilting your head to the left or the right helps give your photo a lot more life and a ton more energy! When the countdown starts, look directly at the camera and tilt your head to the direction your hair falls! It’ll take some getting used to but it gives your selfie symmetry and makes you look like the next star of America’s Next Top Model!
  1. Grab a prop and let your personality shine! 

I know you want to fool your friends into thinking Britney or Patrick Mahomes were at your wedding so make sure to grab a prop!  No one will be able to tell the difference between you and your celebrity look alike when you get your prop on! 

Selfie Mirrors are an amazing addition to any wedding or event so we want to make sure your photos “reflect” that! Just remember, keep your eyes open, don’t sneeze, and HAVE FUN!

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