How to Throw an Exciting Wedding Reception

How do you throw an exciting wedding reception that’s not boring, doesn’t cost too much money, and has memorable moments? It’s not as hard as you would think! Follow along as we provide tips on how to throw an exciting wedding reception, including photo booths, wedding games, and other activities you can do with your guests to keep them engaged.


Engage your guests

There are lots of ways you can engage your guests, so don’t worry if you don’t have a big budget for entertainment. Take advantage of today’s technology and stream your ceremony online with a site like WeddingVibe (starting at $450) or showcase moments on your wedding app. This way, friends and family who couldn’t be there will feel like they were!


Use Photobooths

If you’re trying to throw a party that will keep your guests engaged and entertained, it’s best to have a selfie mirror at your event. Selfie Mirrors provide everyone with something they can do on their own, but which also encourages conversation between guests; that way, if your guests get bored with what else is going on around them (and trust us, they will), they’ll still be able to create memories with friends and family.


Play fun games

There are two things you’ll need for a fun wedding reception: wedding games and a photo booth. Wedding games can range from silly to serious, but there’s one thing that all great wedding games have in common: they get your guests involved. That said, don’t feel like you need to spend hours planning them out—pick some online or use cards like never have I ever or how well do you know the bride and groom? You can either write down responses on pieces of paper beforehand or ask guests to answer with something quick (like a thumbs up) at key points during dinner.


Find unique photo opportunities

No two weddings are alike, and there are many ways you can make your wedding unique. For example, a fun idea is to plan a mission impossible-style photo game! With your photographer, the bride and groom run from table to table grabbing 2 photos with only 3 minutes to get through everyone!  Not only does it provide fun photos for all of your guests, but it helps you commemorate your day with professional-quality photography that everyone can enjoy for years after your special day.


Be playful with the decor

Playing with wedding decor can make your reception feel less like a stuffy affair and more like an exciting party for everyone. Just don’t go overboard—no one wants to end up dancing on tables. Keeping your reception low-key but fun is easier than you think: Don’t be afraid to play with the aesthetic of your wedding decor, whether it’s through fun centerpieces or bright tableware that complements your color scheme.


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