Dope Pose Ideas for Selfie Mirrors

So you’re at your besties reception and in the corner of the room you see this beaming light. There it is…the Selfie Mirror! You run over with your squad and get ready for your close up. The time comes and you freeze, it’s like all sense of swag exits your body and you’re left clamming up. That’s where we come in! We’re going to give you a few easy to remember, but dope poses so the next time the opportunity arises, you have the best printouts in the room! 


  1. The Totem Pole
    1. This pose you have to have quite a few people to accomplish, but it can be super fun if it’s done right! Put the shortest in the front and follow by height directly behind them. Easy peesy! 


  1. You May Now Kiss the Bride
    1. Put the bride in the middle and make this pose about her! Get two family members or friends and give the bride a smooch on the cheek! 


  1. You May Now Kiss the Groom
    1. Don’t leave the groom out! Gather the bridesmaids and have them pose with the man of the night! 


  1. Show Off Your BLING
    1. There’s tons of ways this can be done! Stick up your ring finger, show us your whole hand, however you decide, make sure we see that thang sparkle! 


  1. Photo Bomb! 
    1. We love a good photo bomb becaues its super fun and gives genuine reactions! 


  1. Vogue
    1. We want to see your inner supermodel! WERK IT! 


  1. Family Photo
    1. Get as many family and friends as you can into the frame! You’ll love this one because you’ll have a memory with all your besties all in one photo! 


Whatever pose that you choose, most of all, we want you to have fun! Don’t be afraid to use props, we bring them to elevate your experience! All in all remember to be yourself, because you’re pretty dope.

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