Take the Perfect Selfie Mirror Selfie

Some of us have mastered the art of the selfie, while others need a little more help, so the ultimate guide to taking the perfect selfie is here! Selfie Mirror Experiences are one of a kind just like you! But sometimes people get a little camera shy, so we’ve come up with a couple of tips to make sure you get the best selfie mirror experience, every time.

  1. Look directly at the camera!

This sounds obvious, but our camera is hidden behind a layer of 1-way glass! So to get the perfect picture every time, look at the circle that appears 6 inches under the center of the frame! We know it’s tempting to look at your fabulous self, but trust us, the photos come out a million times better!

Group of people taking a selfie. 4 people standing 3 people sitting. Green Background. Let's party sign above
The Conkling Wedding October 2021
  1. Tilt your head!
    Just slightly but tilting your head to the left or the right helps give your photo a lot more life and a ton more energy! When the countdown starts, look directly at the camera and tilt your head to the direction your hair falls! It’ll take some getting used to but it gives your selfie symmetry and makes you look like the next star of America’s Next Top Model!
  1. Grab a prop and let your personality shine! 

I know you want to fool your friends into thinking Britney or Patrick Mahomes were at your wedding so make sure to grab a prop!  No one will be able to tell the difference between you and your celebrity look alike when you get your prop on! 

Selfie Mirrors are an amazing addition to any wedding or event so we want to make sure your photos “reflect” that! Just remember, keep your eyes open, don’t sneeze, and HAVE FUN!

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Selfie Mirror Take Home the Gold

Selfie Mirror Experience Takes Home the Gold

The Selfie Mirror Experience team has done it again by becoming Missouri’s Best Photo Booth Experience 3 years running! Our team is so excited to have won and be recognized for their hard work throughout the year!

Selfie Mirror hosts are a whole different breed. Their bubbly personalities, next level photo skills, and unmatched friendliness makes them some of the best party people in Missouri!

This year we are upping our game again! We’re so excited to announce the addition of the ShowStopper 360. A ‘revolution’ary photo booth that captures the Selfie Mirror Experience in a 360 video!
Whether you pick our Mini Mirror, a Selfie Mirror, LUXE Mirror, or the all new ShowStopper 360, your party will definitely stand out!

Thank you again for all the love and support throughout the year! We couldn’t have done this without you! 2023, we’ve got our eyes on you!

Bridal Shower Tips

Are you in charge of showering a soon-to-be bride with love and gifts, but you are not sure what to do? We can help you with that. Here are a few tips and tricks for throwing the best bridal shower. Keep it fun, entertaining, and memorable. 


A cool new trend is having a balloon arch. There are so many cool and creative ways to do these. They could be a great entrance decor or a great photo-op. Check out Darling and Dreamy if you are in the Springfield area. Fresh flowers are always simple and beautiful. You can use them as centerpieces or simple decor. You can have them made or buy bouquets from your local grocery store and have fun putting them together yourself. Baby’s breath is a simple but elegant way to decorate on a budget. Get creative and make it fun and simple.


Get a selfie mirror. The best way to make the showers the most memorable is to capture the moment. Check out our mini mirror for smaller events. It’s a great way to keep your guests busy and having fun. Its digital, customizable, and unforgettable. Create GIFs, boomerangs, or wrap your photo in a custom print border.

Selfie Mirror


First, decide if you are going to have a few snacks or really feed people. Some fun ideas are donut walls, macrons, or personalized cookies. Charcuterie boards are very popular right now too. Locally you can check out these places for great food options. 417 Charcuterie , Hurts Donuts , Rolling Pin Cookies. If you want a bit more than that, brunch is always a great time for some mimosas, cinnamon rolls, or even some french toast. You could make it yourself or cater, but whatever you do, make sure to have plenty of plates and cups. If you are going to have a bar, it’s always a great idea to have a few non-alcoholic drinks too. Get colorful with your drinks. A fun drink stir is rock candy or fun straws.



If you want to go with a traditional paper invite, Minted or Vista Print are great! A great local option is Gold Weddings. If you want to go paperless, email or text invites made on Canva are always awesome too. If you decide to do virtual invites remember to call or mail an invite to the older guests. 


“Would She Rather” is a game about what you think the bride would rather do. The winner gets a prize. Pass around cards and puts fun date nights for them to pick from later. Ring hunt, hide plastic rings all around, and whoever collects the most wins. Games are a great way to break up the quiet or awkward moments and keep everyone entertained. Prizes could include small gift cards to an ice cream shop, local boutique, or a spa. Another fun idea is to give away some of the soon-to-be-brides’s favorite things such as favorite candy bars, earrings, or hats.

Party Favors

You could giveaway little bottles that say “sip sip, hooray”, cookies in a bag that are personalized or have something fun on them, plants, or seeds that say “watch our love grow”. Make it cute, small, easy-to-go, but memorable. Everyone loves goodie to-go.

Why Include A Memory Scrapbook With Your Photo Booth


Why Include A Memory Scrapbook With Your Photo Booth

By Emily Weber

Having photo booth entertainment at weddings and special events has been a trend for a number of years. Each year it seems like exciting new updates to the photo booth experience is brought to the table: new props that are less flimsy and more durable, new interactive photo booth software, touch screen photo booths, etc.

There is one accessory to the photo booth experience that will definitely pique your interest and the interest of your guests: a photo booth scrapbook! Also known as a Memory Scrapbook, these blank albums can be placed on a table near the photo booth so that once guests take their picture in the photo booth, a copy of that picture can be pasted into the scrapbook. Every guest gets the opportunity to write a sweet or encouraging message or even leave a fun little doodle for the bride and groom.

Providing a photo scrapbook at your photo booth station will allow those memories made to last forever and give you something to giggle and smile over the morning after your wedding while you and your new spouse are snuggled up reminiscing.

These are the top reasons why including a scrapbook with your photo booth experience will only enhance the fun for you and your guests!

A Memory Scrapbook creates initiate attraction to the photo booth

A photo booth grabs the attention and excitement of wedding guests but doesn’t always create momentum right away to go take pictures in the booth. Having a clear sign or an announcement made that there is a photo booth scrapbook for your friends and family to fill with silly photo booth pictures will provide that exciting rush and line of guests all night!

A photo scrapbook is a fun physical keepsake for the bride and groom

A photo scrapbook to go along with your photo booth allows you to sit and reminisce on all the hilarious and sweet moments your guests had at your wedding! It can sit on your coffee table or bookshelf to flip through on a rainy day.

It’s a great way to see ALL the memories made on your wedding day

You don’t always catch every single moment happening at your wedding. However with a scrapbook at your photobooth, it allows you to look over all the fun moments and hilarious poses that were had amongst your guests when you couldn’t be in the photobooth yourself! 

A Memory Scrapbook can double as your guest book

A new and innovative trend that couples are doing lately is nixing the traditional guest book at the entrance and instead having their guests begin the night by taking a photo in the photo booth and pasting that picture in the album and scribbling a nice message next to it. Now, you have a guest book, a photo scrapbook to keep, and your guests are made aware of the super fun attraction at your reception as soon as they walk in!

A Memory Scrapbook adds to your wedding aesthetic

Every couple plans their wedding day to reflect them perfect. Monograms on koozies, coffee bars and signature cocktails are all examples of how an engaged couple plans on making their special day reflect them. Adding in a photo scrapbook that matches your wedding aesthetic only enhances the personalized feel of every corner of your wedding day. For example, if your wedding is classic and elegant you could provide a scrapbook that is clean and simple. Or if your wedding has a dreamy, fairytale theme to it you could pick out a scrapbook that has tapered pages, lace around the front cover and decorative colors of soft pastels. Your options are truly endless!

Rouge Beauty Bar’s Grand Opening Event

We had such a blast at Rouge Beauty Bar‘s Grand Opening event on May 11th in Springfield, Missouri! Our team loved custom designing their photo border to not only match the look & feel of their event, but help promote their brand’s online presence. We were also able to fully customize the instant text/email messaging to include their giveaway contest details! We’re so glad to see that the guests couldn’t get enough of our Mini Mirror!