417 Magazine x Selfie Mirror Experience

Every year 417 Magazine hosts The Faces of 417-land. This event honors the best of the best who are making an impact in the community.

This year’s event was hosted at Physique Fitness and organizers wanted to mark the event with an engaging experience for all honorees and their guests.

With the faces behind successful local businesses gathering together, 417 Magazine wanted to immediately catch the attention of all guests and create a fun spectacle that would make guests come together and interact even more.


417 Magazine wanted to reflect the 417 Faces theme and capture all the honorees in a candid, relaxed manner that reflected the fun festivities of the evening.

To deliver this, Selfie Mirror Springfield developed a bespoke experience that leveraged the digital capabilities of the Mini Mirror. The Mini Mirror was chosen as the perfect addition to the event as it needed minimal space for set-up, but is packed with innovative technology and customizable features.

Selfie Mirror Springfield wrapped the Mini Mirror with the 417 corporate branding and created a fully branded interactive touchscreen and customized digital overlays that reflected the event branding.  

Instant Photo Sharing was also enabled giving guests the chance to share their images instantly to email, text and social media.


  • Over 150 guests were utterly enthralled by the Mini Mirror and loved the chance to take selfies directly through their reflection in the Mirror
  • Content wasn’t just limited to selfies, as users got creative and created GIFs, and boomerangs
  • Users loved sharing their images, GIFs and videos to social media and the event’s social reach was boosted even further through the use of designated hashtags.

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